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TSHC's Game of the Year 2023

It's that time of the year! We, at The Smash Hit Chronicles, have played a lot of games this year and like everyone, we have our favourites. So here is our Best Game of 2023 below. Read on!

It's been a wild year for games. A lot of bangers came out but there were some which disappointed us as well. As for the gaming industry as a whole, it was a tough year for the devs and the people who worked their hearts out. We saw a huge number of layoffs this year and it is indeed heartbreaking to see that. So a huge gratitude to all the folks who helped create and make these amazing games!

Moving onto the main topic, the game we thought stood out. Just a disclaimer here, we didn't play ‘all’ the games which came out this year so there might be some games which you loved but we didn't try it or were not on our best games of 2023 list. These are just our picks here.

Our Winner of 2023 GOTY was a unique experience, which we don't think any game has done before and the development team went all out this time. If you've been following their journey throughout the years, you'll know why this game was special to them and to the fans who have been waiting for it for the longest time (13 years to be exact). Yes, it's none other than:


Why we loved it?

Well check out our Non-Spoiler Review here : Alan Wake II Review >

Special Mentions:

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 - This has been one of the best games which we have received in a decade. For all D&D fans out there, this is a must-play. Being a character RPG this impressive, nothing can come close in this genre. Larion Studios did a tremendous job in crafting an amazing experience by focusing on even the most minute interactions and details. It came really close for us, in picking the best game but as we are huge fans of Remedy’s gaming lore, Alan Wake 2 won our GOTY.

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake - We have a soft spot for the RE games. Capcom delivered a masterpiece this year and for us, this has been the best remake ever released in gaming. They knew what they had to build and how to make one of the best action/horror games even better. Kudos to the dev team! Our Review >

  • Dave the Diver - Well, now everyone knows that this isn't an indie game (TGA please take notes). The game as a whole was fun! We enjoyed playing it on PC and now you can also make sushis and catch fish on Nintendo Switch. A must-play for sure. Our Review >

  • Hogwarts Legacy - We cannot forget the most selling game of 2023. Being huge Harry Potter fans, we definitely couldn't miss it. Avalanche Software’s first big-budget game was a success. Even though there were some things that we didn't enjoy, it is recommended if you love Harry Potter, Hogwarts and the whole magical world it exists in. Our Review >

Last but not least;

  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Yeah yeah we know they F’ed up. Being one of the worst game launches of 2023, SW Jedi Survivor had the toughest time. With the poor performance on consoles and terrible PC port, Respawn had a lot to work on even after releasing the game. But performance issues aside, this game was great! The story, combat, new areas and a lot more were offered this time around, and they improved upon what made SW Jedi Fallen Order amazing. Check out our review >

Just saying it here, if Lethal Company wasn't in its Early Access Stage, it would have been our Game of the Year for sure 🙃


Reader's Choice Best Game of 2023

We know that there were a lot of games to play this year & we would love to know which one did you all think was the best!

Vote below:

Your Favourite Game of 2023

  • Baldur's Gate 3

  • Alan Wake 2

  • Spiderman 2

  • Resident Evil 4


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