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Squid Game


(Non-Spoiler Review)

Being a person who rarely watches Korean movies, dramas etc. I thought to give Squid Game a try (also after seeing a huge hype built around it on social media) and I was surprised at how good the series was. Squid Game is about 456 (broke & in debt) contestants competing in a series of children’s games to win a huge life-changing cash prize but with a brutal spin.

You might know about this TV series by now and if you haven't watched it yet, then I'd suggest you binge-watch it once. But if you aren't interested in the series, well, then you can read the review and get to know our thoughts ;D

After a brutally bad day, Gi-hun is approached by a smartly dressed young man in the subway, who offers him a chance to win money by playing games. After accepting, Gi-hun is gassed and kidnapped to a deserted island, where he awakes in a dormitory with 455 other players. Among them is his childhood friend Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), the bright kid who got out of the neighbourhood, only to steal and embezzle, leaving him wanted and in debt.

More than almost any original Netflix series, the endings of each episode pushes you into clicking "next episode." Each is nearly a full hour, but they never feel stretched out or boring, like many streaming series do these days, thanks to its wonderful pace. The series is certainly disturbing, especially for those who can't handle violence and gore.

There were a lot of twists involved throughout, which I did predict easily but nevertheless, it felt satisfying in the way the show ended.


Squid Game is one of the most exciting TV Series Netflix has to offer. Even though a small number of the audience *might* disagree but the show is as good (not great) as anyone could expect it to be. The story has a lot of potentials to continue for a Second Season, but we'll have to wait and watch how it turns out.



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