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Scream (1996)

Our Scream series binge-watching begins!

Scream is a slasher film which falls under the horror genre, but it definitely had its fair share of humour mixed in, which made it a unique experience.

The story revolves around a small town terrorized by a masked killer who seems to be taking inspiration from classic horror movies. The movie takes a self-aware approach, poking fun at horror movie clichés while still delivering some genuine scares. I particularly enjoyed the witty dialogue and clever references to other films in the genre.

The cast did a solid job with their performances. Neve Campbell was great as the main protagonist, Sidney, bringing a good balance of vulnerability and strength to her character. The supporting cast, including Courteney Cox and David Arquette, added entertaining bits with their quirky personalities.

The suspense and tension build-up throughout the movie were done well, keeping me engaged and guessing until the end. However, there were a few moments where the pacing felt a bit off, and some scenes dragged on longer than necessary.


Visually, the movie captured the eerie atmosphere of a horror flick effectively. The iconic Ghostface mask became an instant symbol of the franchise.

While it has a few minor flaws in terms of pacing, the strong performances, clever writing, and unique approach to the genre make it worth a watch, especially for horror movie enthusiasts.


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