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Aliens (1986)

Alien marathon continues! And this weekend, we watched one of our favourite movies of all time: ALIENS

Revisiting one of the best sequels ever made, Aliens, directed by James Cameron, was quite the experience, reminding us why this film remains a timeless classic. We watched the “Special Edition” and it’s the only version of the film we’ll recommend to everyone.

Set 57 years after the events of the first film, it follows Ellen Ripley's return to face the xenomorph threat once again. Sigourney Weaver's portrayal of Ripley remains a cornerstone, blending strength and vulnerability as she grapples with past trauma and confronts the relentless alien menace.


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Cameron's direction immerses audiences in a world of chaos and danger, skillfully balancing horror, action, and sci-fi elements. Yet, amidst the adrenaline-fueled sequences, there's an evident emotional depth. Ripley's journey from survivor to protector, especially her bond with Newt, adds a poignant layer to the narrative. While Newt proves to be a compelling addition to the cast, shedding light on another facet of Ripley's character as she assumes a maternal role in the face of peril, her character is indeed a distraction in some scenarios.

The supporting characters may not be as developed as in the first film, but they leave a lasting impression nonetheless. The pacing is relentless, the tension palpable, and the climax, particularly the showdown between Ripley and the Alien Queen, is a fitting payoff to the buildup.

TSHC Score: 9.5/10

Cameron's direction and Weaver's commanding performance elevate Aliens beyond a mere sequel, establishing it as a genre-defining masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences decades after its release.


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