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Return to Seoul (2022)

After scrolling through Mubi for quite some time, I figured I'd give Return to Seoul a shot without knowing anything about it beforehand. This French/Korean film takes you on a ride through the messy emotions of identity and belonging, all led by the magnetic Ji-min Park in her breakout role as the impulsive Freddie. Directed by Davy Chou, the film follows Freddie's spontaneous decision to jet off to South Korea, sparking a journey of self-discovery. While the film's storytelling sometimes feels like it's wandering, Park's performance keeps you hooked throughout.

Park brings Freddie to life with a raw vulnerability and irresistible energy that's impossible to ignore. Whether she's grappling with her tangled relationships or facing her own inner demons, Park's portrayal is captivating through and through. Chou's choice to cast Park, despite her lack of acting experience, pays off big time, adding an extra layer of authenticity to Freddie's turbulent journey.


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Return to Seoul dives deep into the emotional complexities of adoption and cultural identity, but its refusal to stick to a conventional narrative left me scratching my head. But if you still want to go along for the ride and engage with its themes on a deeper level, there’s a rich experience waiting for you. While I appreciate the film’s ambitious vision and Park's standout performance, I felt that this film still stumbled along the way.

TSHC Score: 7/10

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