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TSHC Rewind 2022

Now 2022 has come to an end, we are here to celebrate the amazing Movies, TV Shows and Video Games, released during that year!

TSHC's Best Movie of 2022

Top Gun: Maverick combines great writing and the right amount of nostalgia for an amazing movie experience with incredible aerial cinematography and everyone delivering stellar performances, especially Tom Cruise and Miles Teller. Truly one of the best theatrical experiences of the year!

TSHC's Best TV Series of 2022

Andor is one of the best Star Wars media we’ve gotten in years & it’s definitely our pick for the Best TV Series of 2022. This show perfectly depicts what an amazing story and powerful performances by the actors can produce. Tony Gilroy’s slow-burn spy thriller hits on all fronts and achieves it without banking on any nostalgia or fan service.

Andor is built on the belief that a small band of determined misfits can take a stand, make a difference and challenge the status quo.

TSHC's Best Video Game of 2022

Elden Ring -- From Software's latest is an evolution of the soulsborne genre, presenting players with a massive and awe-inspiring open world while still being just as challenging as their previous titles. With the new setting of the Lands Between, the scale of exploration for the players is bigger than ever before and offers new ways for them to play and in turn, makes the game more accessible for newer players. For quite some time it looked like it was hard to surpass classics like Dark Souls and Bloodborne but FromSoft really outdid themselves this time. It may very well be the best game they have put out till now.


Readers Choice Best of 2022

And our Reader's Best Movie, TV Series and Video Game of 2021 are as:

(According to the votes provided by our readers themselves)


We hope you have a great year ahead! Happy New Year from TSHC 🎉


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