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Super Mario Bros. Wonder

It's been quite a while since I played a Mario game. I had recently got a Nintendo Switch Lite to play some Pokemon games but I didn’t want to miss the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros Wonder too!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an awesome 2D platformer game where you get to play as Mario (obviously) and his friends in the Flower Kingdom, a super cool place with lots of new stuff to see and do. The game is so much fun, whether you play by yourself or with your friends, thanks to its clever level design, charming animations, and varied Wonder effects that change the gameplay in unexpected ways.

Graphics and Art Style

The game design is amazing, with bright colours and smooth animations that make the Flower Kingdom look alive. It has a lot of personality and charm, with many things that make you smile or laugh. It looks much more vibrant as compared to the previous titles.

Story and Narrative

Here’s how the story goes: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and a few Toads are invited to visit a neighbouring Kingdom called the Flower Kingdom, populated by creatures called "Poplins" and ruled by Prince Florian. While Florian shows off the castle's Wonder Flower, Bowser appears and steals the flower, which causes him to merge with Florian's castle. He also transforms the Poplins' homes into prison cells, trapping them. Mario and his friends decide to help Prince Florian stop Bowser and save the Flower Kingdom and they begin their expedition, with a few Yoshis and Nabbit tagging along.


Players can control Mario but also a range of 12 characters to choose from, including Princess Peach, Daisy and Toadette.

One of the most fun aspects of the game is the Wonder system, which is triggered by finding hidden Wonder Seeds in each level. These seeds make crazy things happen that alter the environment, the enemies, or the characters in amusing ways. For example, one seed might make everything huge, another might make everything sweet, and another might make everyone dance. The Wonder effects make the game more fun and different every time you play, and they can also help you or mess you up depending on what’s going on.

The game also introduces three new power-ups that give Mario and his friends new abilities. The Elephant Suit lets you spray water from your trunk and stomp on enemies with your weight. The Bubble Flower lets you shoot bubbles that can trap enemies or float you in the air. The Wonder Mushroom lets you copy the Wonder effect of any seed you touch, giving you more control over the gameplay. These power-ups are fun to use and complement the existing ones like the Fire Flower and the Super Leaf.

Super Mario Bros Wonder has a great balance of difficulty and accessibility for players of all skill levels. You can also equip badges that give you extra abilities or handicaps, such as bouncing out of pits or having a floatier jump. You can revive your teammates if they die, and you can share lives and power-ups among your group.

The game also has a helpful talking flower that gives you tips and hints throughout your adventure. And no, those aren’t annoying (but you can turn them off if you want to)

Soundtrack and Audio

The music is catchy and upbeat, with new versions of classic Mario songs and new songs that match each world’s theme.

Replayability and Length

The game has six worlds, each with a different vibe and a boss fight at the end. The levels have tons of secrets, goodies, and challenges that make you want to explore and play them again. Some of the highlights include a haunted mansion with shifting walls, a desert oasis with quicksand and mirages, and a snowy mountain with slippery slopes and avalanches.

And the multiplayer will definitely make you play this game a lot! It's really fun especially when you play with your friends.



Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of the best 2D Mario games ever made, with a lot of content, creativity, and fun to offer. It is a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike. And if you love games for their “sit back and enjoy the ride” vibe, then this is the best among the bunch!


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