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Steam Next Fest (June 2023)

Steam is hosting an event for the upcoming games, where you can try out a lot of demos and even buy/pre-order if you like!

Event Duration: 19th - 26th June 2023


Here are the games I tried out:

By Neowiz

Right off the bat, I can say that this game (at least the demo) was very nicely optimised for the PC, which is now very rare in the gaming industry.

As I haven't played a lot of souls-borne games, Lies of P do feel like it tries to replicate the feeling of playing Bloodborne or Dark Souls but is still enjoyable nevertheless.

Our gameplay screenshots:


By Retroware

If you enjoy platformers & have played any TMNT games before, you'll feel at home with Toxic Crusaders. It's a fun and enjoyable arcade game that should definitely be played with friends.

For this demo, only Local Co-Op was available but it would be great if they added Online Co-Op.

Our gameplay screenshots:


By Cosy Computer

Ok, not going to lie, among all the game demos I played the past few days, this was my favourite one. Here, you play as a possum where you have to eat as much stuff as you can and open locked doors to other locations but don't get caught during the process. It was super fun and the gameplay was very fluid. This also has a Local Co-Op option, so you can create chaos with a friend too!

Our gameplay screenshots:


By Starward Industries

If you are a fan of Space Adventures and solve puzzles along the way, The Invincible is a must-play. The game's unique gameplay really intrigued me. The way you interact with the stuff around you, exploring the areas & progressing the story, it felt very interesting.

Our gameplay screenshots:


By Sabotage Studios

Another turn-based combat game with a pixelated art style, which I really like.

Our gameplay screenshots:


By Sad Owl Studios

Last but definitely not least, we tried Viewfinder. This game has one of the most unique gameplay we've seen in a long time. It is a puzzle game, where you need to reach other places using your camera and find new clues to progress. This was very fun to play for us and we wishlist it as soon as possible!

Our gameplay screenshots:


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