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Planet of Lana

Played On: PC via Steam

Before embarking on the busiest month for gaming releases (October 2023), I wanted to do some casual indie gaming. After scrolling through Steam, I found out about this beautiful game which was released this year itself.

Developed by Wishfully Studios and published by Thunderful, this side-scrolling adventure game offers a unique and emotionally charged experience that does stand out in the gaming landscape.

Story and Atmosphere

The game's story revolves around Lana, a young girl, and her trusty robotic buddy as they tackle a world filled with challenges. It's a touching tale of friendship and determination, all told without a single word of dialogue. While it's heartwarming and engaging, some might find the plot a little predictable, and the lack of dialogue may leave some longing for a more explicit narrative.


The gameplay in Planet of Lana is a mixed bag. It primarily consists of platforming, puzzle-solving, and occasional stealth elements. The controls are smooth, making it easy to navigate Lana and her metallic sidekick. But here's the thing: some of the puzzles are tough, and the pacing can be a bit wonky. You'll go from casual exploration to hair-pulling challenges in the blink of an eye.


One of the standout features of Planet of Lana is its remarkable visual design. The entire game world is hand-drawn with meticulous attention to detail. The landscapes are lush, the colours pop, and the character designs are just too cool. It's like playing inside a living, breathing masterpiece. The art style takes inspiration from classic animated films, and it pays off brilliantly. The game's visuals alone are reason enough to give it a try.


The audio design in Planet of Lana complements the stunning visuals perfectly. The soundtrack enhances the emotional depth of the game. The sound effects are well-crafted, immersing players in the world and enhancing the sense of adventure. However, there are moments when the music becomes slightly overpowering, drowning out other important audio cues.

Length and Replayability

Planet of Lana doesn't exactly win a medal in the marathon department. You can breeze through the main story in around 4-5 hours. Sure, there are collectables and secrets to find, but if you're hoping for multiple endings or endless replay value, you might be in for a letdown. That being said, if you're all about soaking up the atmosphere and taking in the sights, it's worth a second go.

TSHC SCORE: 7.5/10


Planet of Lana is a visually stunning and emotionally engaging indie game. Its hand-painted world and evocative soundtrack create a mesmerizing atmosphere that draws players into its heartfelt narrative. While the gameplay and length may leave room for improvement, the overall experience is a memorable one. It is a must-try for gamers who appreciate stunning visuals, heartfelt stories, and a touch of magic in their gaming.


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