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Night in the Woods

PLAYED ON: Xbox One S & PC (via Xbox Game Pass)

I haven't played a lot of Indie games. The sole reason for playing 'Night in the Woods' was because it was Xbox Game Pass and I read great reviews everywhere. I don't play platformer type games generally but this game just exceeded my expectations in every way possible!

About the story; Mae Borowski (a rebellious young adult) drops out of college and returns to Possum Springs, the small, rural town where she grew up. She was the first Borowski to go to college, and her parents are disappointed she quit. And her friends have matured in ways she hasn’t. The collapse of the coal mining industry has left the town in a state of steady decline and most residents are planning on leaving, including Mae's friends.

One of the best things about this game is how the story moves forward with every decision Mae (or you, the player) takes and the way the dialogues for each character has been written. Be it Mae's parents or her friends, everyone had an impact on her life and story.

There were a few interactions that could only be found if you invested your time in exploring each and every area of the town like the pet rats! The missions which involved Mae's best friend, Gregg, were all so great and felt satisfying in the end. Be it wrecking old cars or breaking into abandoned factory etc. You also get to play the bass guitar! If you want willing to play 'Night in the Woods', then make sure to attend your band sessions to unlock some amazing music in the game 😊

Sometimes I even found myself getting sucked into Demon Tower, a pixelated dungeon crawler on Mae’s laptop, before jumping into bed and triggering the next day in her story to continue. There are many little things in this game that may not sound that interesting when you read about it but are really enjoyable when you play the game yourself. All these small little details and interactive options like Mr. Sharkle just add to the charm of this game.

It was amazing to see a different art style and animations in an indie game like this one. We loved the character details as well as the character movement. It is fabulous, and Mae’s springy arms and legs as she jumps about are a constant pleasure. Everyone’s movement is just stunning, and so subtly done. You would definitely feel an enormous effort made by the development team for the game.

Talking about the music, I totally loved all of them! Alec Holowka (may he rest in peace) did a flawless job here. The music goes so nicely in every situation during the game. I really liked the original songs like 'Die Anywhere Else' and 'Rainy Day'. Just wonderful ✨


Night in the Woods is an amazing game. I just loved the dialogue writing and the way it tackles big and not-so-openly discussed topics like mental health, responsibility, and relationships. It was the first time in a very long time that I didn't want a game to end. I had so much fun roaming around the city with Mae's friends and wrecking stuff, along with interacting with the people of the town. This game may not be perfect but it is definitely recommended!


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