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Game Showcases (Summer 2024) | RECAP

There was a LOT to unwrap from the previous week’s summer game showcases. So finally I compiled some of the things I liked and am very eager to see more of, in the coming future! Here we go:

Summer Game Showcases Recap

Summer Game Fest 2024

This year's Summer Game Fest, hosted by Geoff Keighley, was packed with thrilling new game reveals and updates from both big-name developers and indie creators. One of the major highlights was Capcom’s Monster Hunter Wilds, which left everyone on the edge of their seats with its epic battles against terrifying sand creatures and breathtaking desert setting. If you’re a fan of intense action, this one’s going to be a wild ride. Plus, cross-play is finally coming to Monster Hunter!

Phantom Blade Zero also grabbed a lot of attention with its dark fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. It’s got a “Bloodborne” vibe with super-fast and bloody combat, and it’s looking pretty slick. Sega brought some magic to the stage with Metaphor: ReFantazio, blending classic RPG elements with fresh, imaginative twists. And for all of “Dragon Ball” enthusiasts, Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, hitting shelves on October 11, 2024.

The indie scene was buzzing too. Dark and Darker showcased some intense dungeon-crawling action, where you’ll be battling nasty underground creatures for awesome loot. Hyper Light Breaker wowed me with its neon-styled, artsy fantasy world, and it’s heading to early access later this summer.

Big news for console gamers: Valorant is expanding to PlayStation 5 and Xbox, so you can join the action starting June 14, 2024. Alan Wake II also made waves with the announcement of its physical edition (highly requested by the players!) and the “Night Springs” expansion, featuring characters from Remedy’s universe and is now ready to play right away. And let’s not forget Amazon’s MMO New World getting a big update with the “Aeternum” expansion, bringing fresh content and making the jump to consoles (Yes, this game is still alive).

Among the world premieres, Lego Horizon Adventures was a standout. This isometric action game set in the “Horizon Zero Dawn” universe looks like a perfect blend of fun and adventure. It’s coming to PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch this holiday season, which is a rare treat since it’s a PlayStation-published title making its way to the Switch. And strategy fans, get ready for Sid Meier’s Civilization VII from Firaxis and 2K, scheduled for a 2025 release.

The fest was full of genre-blending surprises too. Wanderstop from Davey Wreden, the creator of “The Stanley Parable,” mixes farming sim with tea-shop management, promising a quirky yet deep gameplay experience. Unknown 9: Awakening teased a unique fantasy setting focused on a gripping revenge story, and Enotria: The Last Song showed off a cool mix of melee combat and magic in a fantastical world.

All in all, the Summer Game Fest 2024 was a nice showcase of what’s to come in the gaming world.


Xbox Games Showcase and Black Ops 6 Direct June 2024

Microsoft's June 2024 Xbox Games Showcase was the standout of all game showcases, for that particular week! It was a rollercoaster of excitement, dropping trailers and announcements that kept me glued to my screen. Kicking things off was Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, taking us back to a post-Cold War era with a slick gameplay trailer. I’m not a COD fan, so I didn’t have the same excitement as the other players but yeah.

Then, Doom: The Dark Ages shook things up with a medieval twist on the classic shooter, complete with new weapons that promise buckets of gore.

Fans of survival games rejoiced as State of Decay 3 shuffled back into view, teasing eerie new enemies and a hint of optimism in the face of a zombie apocalypse. RPG buffs got a treat with Dragon Age: The Veilguard, offering glimpses of familiar faces and new adventures. And let’s not forget Fallout 76, where players can soon roam as Ghouls, coming into the game in early 2025.

If that wasn’t enough, Starfield dropped their new content! The Shattered Space DLC, expanding the sci-fi RPG universe with vibrant new locales. Strategy game lovers can mark their calendars for Age of Mythology Retold, blending mythological mayhem with modern RTS mechanics in September.

Microsoft also unveiled a sleek, all-digital white Xbox Series X with beefed-up storage (2 TB!), perfect for devouring all those Game Pass titles.

My favourite announcement was of Gears of War: E-Day, which brought back memories with its prequel tale, & Indiana Jones and the Great Circle teased thrilling adventures in the Himalayas.

From magical RPGs to heart-pounding shooters and everything in between, the Xbox Games Showcase had it all.


Ubisoft Forward 2024

Ubisoft's Forward 2024 event was great too, serving up a mix of nostalgic nods and fresh adventures. Kicking off with Star Wars Outlaws, we got a new look at space dogfights and desert missions on Tatooine, promising a gritty, immersive experience in the Star Wars universe. The game's coop vibe between Kay and Nix, plus a reputation system that reacts to your choices, looks set to make it a hit for fans itching to explore the shady corners of a galaxy far, far away.

Fans of classics like Prince of Persia can mark their calendars for the remake of The Sands of Time, coming our way in 2026. Though no gameplay yet, it's exciting to see this beloved adventure getting a modern facelift (even after multiple delays & development hell)

Assassin's Creed Shadows also stood out with its dual protagonist gameplay, offering options to tackle missions stealthily or head-on, depending on whether you're in the mood for rooftop skulking or samurai-style combat. It was interesting to see more stealth mechanics here as compared to the previous RPG titles.

Strategy gamers got a treat with Anno 117: Pax Romana, taking us back to the ancient days of Rome in a new city-building chapter. It's a fresh twist for the series, promising to blend historical immersion with strategic gameplay.

Updates for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, XDefiant, Skull and Bones, and The Crew Motorfest rounded out the event, showcasing a wealth of new content and expansions across Ubisoft's diverse lineup.


Day of the Devs 2024

The Summer Game Fest wrapped up with a bang, ending on a high note with Day of the Devs. Known for spotlighting indie gems, this year they outdid themselves with a lineup of 21 diverse games that cater to every gaming taste imaginable. From chill sims to spine-tingling horrors and quirky RPGs, they covered all bases and then some.

One standout is Simpler Times, where you hang out with Taina in her world of everyday beauty, now available for a chill session on Steam. Battle Vision Network mixes strategic multiplayer with a spacey Eurovision vibe, letting you customize units and battle it out in colourful formations—coming soon to mobile, PC, and consoles. Cairn challenges you to climb a deadly mountain with realistic controls, slated for a daring expedition in 2025 on PC and consoles (Jusant lovers anyone?)

Retro fans will dig Petal Runner, a GBA-style RPG set in a world powered by virtual pets fueled by flowers, hitting Steam soon. Karma: The Dark World dives into psychological horror set in a dystopian 1984, where you unravel disturbing truths across platforms. UFO50 throws in 50 games designed for a fictional console, evolving in complexity and story as you progress—mark your calendars for its launch on Steam this September 18.

For those craving cozy vibes, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit continues its heartwarming journey of ghost bear friendships exclusively on Netflix Games from June 25. Koira, a narrative journey through a snowy forest told through sound and music, is planned for Steam in 2025.

These highlights just scratch the surface of what Day of the Devs brought to the table. Whether you're into deep narratives, inventive gameplay mechanics, or nostalgic throwbacks, there's something here to pique your gaming curiosity. Keep an eye out for more updates and releases as the Summer Game Fest season unfolds, promising more surprises and delights for gamers everywhere.


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