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Fear Street: Part Three 1666


(Non-Spoiler Review)

The final chapter of Netflix's horror-slasher series is here & it is epic!

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 gets to the heart of the series by showing the curse that leads to all this chaos, which involves a tragic love story.

As we left the events of 1978, we were yanked back to 1994 as Deena (Kiana Madeira) and her brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr) tried to put an end to the curse once and for all. But in trying to reassemble the body of Sarah Fier, the witch whose curse has resulted in gory massacres for the beleaguered town of Shadyside, Deena is yanked back even further, to where it all began: 1666.

In 1666, it was about Sarah and a woman named Hannah. This third "Fear Street" uses Sarah and Hannah's relationship and then adds fear for them, when the rabid townsfolk think they have brought evil. The water supply is poisoned, fruits begin to mold, and an unspeakable disturbing act is done by a pastor; according to the residents, it must be the work of the two women spotted being intimate in the woods the night before.

Once the mystery of the curse is solved (which took centuries!), the last hour of "1666" is a series highlight, especially as it captures the fun horror-slasher that has made the director Leigh Janiak, a newly minted crowd-pleaser in the genre.

Without sharing any spoilers, we finally have a satisfying end to the series and the culprit is made to pay for their crimes (Literally!).


It’s the end of the road for now but I hope that Fear Street may return sometime soon (make sure you watch those credits).

No horror fan should miss this trilogy at any cost. Keep in mind that none of the three films can or should be watched as a standalone story. Consider the films as individual episodes of a miniseries.

TSHC's SCORE: 8.5/10

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