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Control: The Foundation


(Game screenshots also taken on the same console)

DISCLAIMER: We would suggest you to read our review of Control, before moving forward.

Still reeling from the aftermath of the Hiss invasion of the Oldest House, Jesse is summoned by the extradimensional Board to deal with a new threat to the Bureau. In the deepest recesses of the Oldest House, known as the Foundation, an essential Object of Power known as The Nail is stored. This artifact serves as the conduit between the Oldest House and Astral Plane, where the Board resides.

The Nail has somehow been damaged and making matters worse, the Bureau's Head of Operations, Helen Marshall, is still missing after the Hiss invasion.

Now it's up to you, as Jesse, to explore the Foundation in an attempt to repair the Nail and to find out what happened to Marshall.

Over the course of the story, The Foundation gives you a couple of new powers to play around with, giving Jesse the ability to create or destroy crystal structures in specific areas. While these are useful and fun, they're also limited to specific situations and locations.


The Foundation is an enjoyable follow-up to Control. There are new enemies and some unexpected twists throughout the story and the level design. If you want to get even more lost in this fascinating world that Remedy has created, then it will be hard not to pass this one up.

TSHC's SCORE: 7/10

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