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(Game screenshots also taken on the same console)

A winner of multiple game awards and one of the best games in 2019-2020, I finally took out time to play Control.

Developed by Remedy Entertainment (makers of Alan Wake & Quantum Break), I started playing this game without much insight. I did hear a lot of appraising regarding the gameplay and the game's setting. The unique combination of a third-person shooter mixed with a pseudo-magic based combat system was really incredible and really well pulled off. You'll feel like a Jedi using 'the force' to control objects and throwing them at the enemies (so fun!).

The game begins as you enter the Federal Bureau of Control building, The Oldest House, as Jesse Faden. The Oldest House looks like a simple building at first, but once Jesse starts her journey of searching for her brother & also the answers to events in her past that gives her 'abilities', you get to know that it is not an ordinary place. You become the new acting director of the Bureau & also the Janitor's assistant ;)

Your main aim? Clear the place of this paranormal entity called the Hiss, which is spreading throughout the Bureau and affecting the people too. And also, find out about your brother.

Very early on, you'll pick up a Service Weapon, which is a powerful tool that only the Bureau’s director can use. This is because the last director pretty clearly used the same weapon to kill himself, and he seems to be speaking to us throughout the game.

The weapon is effectively a pistol at first, but you can learn to transform it into versions of firearms like a shotgun, grenade launcher, and more. This weapon doesn’t have bullets, and we never have to reload. If you don't pull the trigger for a few seconds, it will always refill itself with ammo. Nice!

One thing I can say for sure, this is one of the best visually striking game I've ever played. The environment is beautifully made, even though I wasn't playing with raytracing on. The colours are great, every item around the place is very detailed and you'll know that the developers worked real hard on this.

One of the best action games ever made!

The performances by the actors were phenomenal. Courtney Hope plays the titular character, Jesse Fayden while James McCaffrey, known for his roles as the title character of Max Payne and Thomas Zane in Alan Wake, plays the role of Zachariah Trench. Matthew Porretta, who portrayed the titular character of Alan Wake, is also featured in both voice roles and live-action videos as the character of Dr. Casper Darling.

The game also has two additional content expansions titled "The Foundation" and "AWE". I'll share the reviews for both these DLC's soon (it will be filled with spoilers!).


Control is set in an enormous paranormal world that is great for exploration. The combat system is so satisfying, even though, it gets repetitive from time to time. Control feels a bit unfinished. You expect to get the answers to all your questions but the ending came more quickly and abruptly than I would have liked.

Just like me, don't go into the game after reading a lot about it. Just dive right in, experience the mystery and go on exploring The Oldest House.

TSHC's SCORE: 9/10

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