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Bo Burnham: Inside

[Netflix Original]

Bo Burnham's return to comedy in 2021 was the thing we all needed in these tough times.

I have been a fan of Bo for a long time. His previous special 'Make Happy' is one of my favourite comedy specials I've watched. I still listen to his songs from time to time. Songs like "kill yourself" and "if you want love" are one of my favourites.

So when this special was announced after his 5 years of hiatus from performing, I was excited! And this special did live up to its hype. It's one of those rare things that are thought-provoking and hilarious as well.

Bo Burnham did a one-man job on this thing; from directing, writing, shooting to editing. In each of these aspects; the cinematography was excellent and the editing deserves a special mention too. It was just extraordinary. You can notice how cleverly he switches the aspects ratio to make the scene more meaningful. For instance, the whole show is in 16:9 but when the song "A White Woman's Instagram" starts playing it switches to 4:3!

But you watch a comedy special for the comedy so let me tell you about that too.

It has an exceptional range of jokes, which I think were just amazing. Burnham talks about internships, sexting, suicidal thoughts, the world of the internet, internet marketing, turning 30; all of it through songs and sketches.

Even while writing this review, some of those are stuck in my head (lol).

The Twitch Streaming sketch was one of my favourites. It's a perfect mix of dark humour, frustration and depression. It makes you happy and sad in the same run time. The ending is done truly well too. I've already watched it 2 times and will be watching it for the third time soon.


If you want to watch something visually fantastic and well written, this special is for you. You can also find a great sketch in there if you are turning 30 and a definitive watch for the people who like Dark Humour as well! :)

TSHC's SCORE: 9.2/10


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