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Back 4 Blood

Non-Spoiler Review

PLAYED ON: Xbox One S & PC (via Xbox Game Pass)

If you loved the Left 4 Dead series, well, you are in for an amazing treat! Back 4 Blood takes you back to its roots of the classic games which Turtle Rock Studios are famous for, but this time with some new tricks up their sleeves.

The introduction of the challenge card & deck building system, makes the game more fun and replayable, especially if you are teaming up with your friends to shoot some zombies.

I did play Back 4 Blood during its Open Beta release and I loved how wonderfully it was optimized for PC. Even on my basic gaming laptop (with GTX 1650) the game was running beautifully at around 70fps. I tried the game on my Xbox as well but I don't generally enjoy shooter games on consoles.

Back 4 Blood does exactly what you would expect from the same team as Left4Dead. It's a gruesome and badass zombie shooter which has perfectly arrived in time for this year's spooky season. The co-op is great and hasn't had any issues gaining access to servers (also, thanks to Crossplay). There were times when I had to wait to get on the co-op campaign for more than 10-15min, but atleast I found some good players to play with (either from Xbox or Playstation) instead of AI Bots. Talking about AI Bots, you also get an option to play the whole campaign solo and trust me, it isn't very much fun as you'll be teamed up with 3 AI Bots. While they are very polite, willing to drop ammo or health items whenever you need some, most of the time, they are completely worthless. I often saw them get stuck on walls or doorways. They would fail to revive me, too. Worst of all, I’ve seen them just stop shooting and stand in a group of zombies while they get killed. If you plan on playing Back 4 Blood, bring at least a friend or two, or hope you find some decent random players. Don’t rely on AI bots. They will get you easily killed, especially on harder difficulties.


Turtle Rock Studios are back with a game genre that they are famously known for but due to a few cons, it makes Back 4 Blood a hit-or-miss game. We'd recommend playing and trying this game via Xbox Game Pass instead of purchasing the whole game, as I didn't see any worth of spending INR 3,999 on it. (Well, you can always buy the full game if you love it). It does indeed have an amazing card-based perk system and wonderfully satisfying gunplay, which is very fun when played with friends.

TSHC's SCORE: 3.5/5

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