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Another Round

(Non-Spoiler Review)

Another Round / Druk is a Danish Film Directed By Thomas Vinterberg.

I was unfamiliar with Danish Cinema before but after watching Another Round, I will be exploring lot more films from this country. Why? because this movie is so good!

'Another Round' follows four teachers (Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe and Magnus Millang) as they test a theory that a human is born with 0.05 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) which makes you more creative and relaxed. Martin, who is depressed due to troubles in his professional and personal life, is inspired and starts to drink at work and thus suffer the various pleasures and consequences of being constantly drunk and the challenges it brings to his life. To be very honest I wasn't really that impressed by the concept of this film but luckily I was proved wrong.

Vinterberg's portrayal of alcoholism is unlike anything I've ever seen, as it depicts both the pleasures of alcohol whilst also showing the severe consequences it can have on a marriage, work and most importantly, life. The film puts you through a roller coaster ride of emotions. Joy, happiness, excitement, that's all in there as well as sorrow and depression.

We already know Mads Mikkelsen is a phenomenal actor, that's without a doubt, but the performance he gives here is unlike anything I've seen this year. The emotions on display, the way he conducts himself and the overall huge screen presence he has throughout, is outstanding to watch. Similarly, both Lars Ranthe and Magnus Millang give two extraordinary performances throughout as the chemistry that's shared between all four teachers is monumental as their friendship develops all the more as it progresses. Thomas Bo Larsen's performance blew me away. The portrayal of his character and the way the 'experiment' affects him, is where much of the emotion lies within Another Round and for me, that's all thanks to Thomas Bo Larsen's utterly mesmerising portrayal. Individually each character work wonders, but as a group, they are simply incredible.

As the film gets to the end, the amazing soundtrack kicks in and the performance, along with the great Cinematography, leaves you mesmerized.


Another Round is an excellent film that shows alcoholism in a dark and hilarious way. The acting is excellent and the music is amazing. You should definitely check it out.

TSHC's SCORE: 9/10

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