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Alien Resurrection (1997)

Well, this day was eventually going to come during our Alien movie marathon. We had only watched this movie once before but for the sake of our ongoing Alien saga and to share our thoughts here, we had to go into this rabbit hole and watch this film. So here we are, with the fourth movie in the iconic Alien series.

Alien Resurrection left us with not-so-good feelings. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, famous for "City of Lost Children," the film tries to mix horror, sci-fi, and dark humour. While it has some fresh ideas, it doesn't capture the magic of the earlier movies and ends up feeling disjointed and unnecessary.

The story starts 200 years after "Alien3," with Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) being cloned by the United Systems Military (USM) to get the Alien queen out of her. This plot twist lets Ripley come back, but she's now a mix of human and alien traits. The idea is pretty interesting, with Ripley retaining some of her old memories and characteristics. However, the film doesn't dive deep enough into this concept, leaving me with more questions than answers.


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The cast is filled with well-known actors like Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman, and Brad Dourif. Sadly, even with all that talent, the characters feel underdeveloped. Ryder, in particular, seems out of place and doesn't bring the necessary weight to her role. Sigourney Weaver, on the other hand, is fantastic as the new Ripley, showing off her physicality and resilience. Still, even her strong performance can't completely save the movie.

Visually, "Alien Resurrection" has some cool moments, thanks to Jeunet's unique style. The sets are gritty and claustrophobic, which fits the tone of the series. But the CGI, especially for the aliens, is a bit disappointing. The creatures, which used to be terrifying, now look less scary and more cartoonish, taking away from the film's impact.

The biggest problem with "Alien Resurrection" is its tone. Joss Whedon's screenplay tries to add humour and self-awareness, which doesn't really fit with the serious and suspenseful vibe of the "Alien" franchise. This change in tone undermines the tension and horror that we love about the series. The movie ends up feeling like a mix of ideas that don't quite work together, making it an uneven experience.

TSHC Score: 4/10

In the end, Alien Resurrection is an ambitious but flawed addition to the Alien series. It has some visual brilliance and a strong performance from Weaver, but it fails to recapture what made the original films so compelling. The attempt to blend horror, sci-fi, and humour falls flat, making it a forgettable entry in the franchise. As die-hard Alien fans, we watched it to complete the series, but we can't say it lived up to our expectations. If you're a fan, it's still not worth a watch as it doesn’t match the legacy of its predecessors.


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