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5 Best Android Apps not on Playstore

If you're an Android user you really need to try these 5 apps to enhance your phone experience.

1. Adaway: Adaway is an ad blocker that blocks ad system-wide. It has two versions- one requires rooting your device while the other one uses VPN to disable ads. The UI of this app is super clean and the developer regularly pushes new updates to the app. If you are like me and hate those annoying pop-up ads (as we all do duh!) you should try this app.

2. Bromite: Using Chrome and worried about your privacy? Try this app stat. Bromite is a chromium-based application that has tons of features like a customisable adblocker.

It also has some features that require rooting your device but if you are looking for Chrome replacement you should check this one out.

3. Cinehub: If you like to watch Movies and TV shows and don't want to pay for multiple subscriptions, this one's for you! Cinehub is an app that streams movies, series, TV shows etc. for free. It features a lot of content from multiple countries and multiple genres.

The app's UI is minimal and has no ads. It also has an editor choice section if you can't decide what to watch.

4. Google Recorder: If You know about Pixel phones you might have heard about this one.

This is the recording app that Google developed especially for Pixel phones. It's a recorder that records conversations and transcripts them in real-time. It also has a search function and it works without even an internet connection. If you're looking for apps for recording your classes you should try this one.

5. TapTap: Since iOS implemented the feature to double tap/ triple tap back of the phone to perform any action, I had been wishing they'd implement the same on Android. Now with Tap Tap this is finally possible! The App is pretty simple. You open the app, choose the intensity of the taps and device size and then give some accessibility permissions and you're good to go! Now you can do any actions by just tapping the back of your device. So what are you waiting for, tap away people!


Apk updater: Since most of these require you to download apks, I decided to add this bonus suggestion. Apk updater is a great application to keep these apps up to date. The App features a clear-cut UI and the best part? You can find updates from multiple sources like apk mirror and f-droid.


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